Welcome to Learn Alchemy – Creating Your Personal Power Field

Welcome to Learn Alchemy, the only place in Ohio where you can learn Introduction level Alchemy from a trained and certified Alchemy Teacher. This Level 1 Alchemy course is called Creating Your Personal Power Field. Completing a Level 1 Alchemy course is necessary prior to taking Level 2 Alchemy.

What is Alchemy?A Rose

That is like asking what is love? It is experiential so the meaning is relative. But I will give it a shot. Alchemy is the art of ascension. It provides the necessary energy tools to transform the human body into its highest potential; living light. This ascension process is a learned art that has been practiced from the days of Atlantis, to The Egyptians, and the Essenes who brought about the magic of Yeshua (Jesus). A transformational art that is learned in stages, so all students start at Level 1 which we call Creating Your Personal Power Field.

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Here in Columbus Ohio we teach this Level 1 Alchemy course in 4 weeks, meeting only on Saturdays from 10AM to 1PM. So that is 4 Saturdays, for 3 hours each time. After attending these classes you will qualify for the next Level 2 Alchemy class where your journey can continue. Level 2 is about a year long. But more on Level 1.

What the course will teach you:

  • Health through grounding Your Body and harmonizing with Earths frequency
  • How to breath properly. Continuous and circular into the belly.
  • Using the Rose as it was intended, as a tool for transformation
  • Separating Yourself from any lower frequencies & thoughts around you
  • Clearing your space energetically
  • Increased awareness & focus through being in your body & not out of it
  • Learning about and merging your Masculine & Feminine energies
  • How to build and operate a geometric platonic solid structure around you
  • How to connect to your higher mind
  • and if that is not enough, we will throw in over 8 hours of online videos that fully demonstrate all the tools, and give you a year of access, for free.

Alchemy is the path to AscensionEven the uninitiated can use their imagination, (I-Magi-Nation we are a nation of magicians), and see how the knowledge of the above could be helpful to them, even if they choose not to continue to the Level 2 year of study.

Many will feel the inner calling to participate in this Alchemy course, just like I and thousands have. We were not disappointed. I have been studying alchemy, one level to the next since 2009. I am level 3 and above and I will be your teacher.

So feel free to review the course overview and sign up for the next available course.